Tournament Equity Officers

Tournaments are empowered to select EOFs to act as their Equity Officers (EO). If the tournament staff would like to select a member of the EOF to serve as their EO, theycan choose from any EOF who has made themselves available that weekend in accordance with the chart below. Although many tournaments choose to use their own EOs, it is suggested that an EOF be kept as an assistant or resource to the outside EO. Regardless of who the tournament chooses to serve as their EO, all EOFs who attend the tournament are available to chat with debaters or tournament staff about any and all concerns that arise.

Description of tournaments

Contact the EOFs

Frankie Orrico: Facebook, 425-736-2577, Ali Berl: Facebook,
Drew Latimer: Facebook Monica Chin: Facebook,
Sraavya Poonuganti: Facebook, 703-547-8101, Malik Jarvis:
Leah Block: Facebook, Molli Goetz:
Alex Johnson: Facebook, 202-870-3490 Josh Spiegel: Facebook, 516-782-6403